Gone In 60 Seconds


Gone In 60 Seconds is a skill game on Aqua Venatus in which you are Randoll “Memphis” Raines, and you must steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get $200,000 in cash. You’ve got 10 minutes—which means each car has to gone in 60 seconds. Watch out for obstacles—if you hit anything, the value of your car drops. Stay ahead of the cops. If you get pulled over, you will get fined 20 seconds. If you get caught 3 times, game over. Any time left at the end of each level will be carried over into the next level. You’ll need it. You’ll need to find one laser-cut key on each of the first three levels in order to steal the three Mercedes on level four. Drive over a key to pick it up. You will not be allowed to enter the warehouse with the last car until you have collected the key on that level. Good luck!

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