Sweet Anais


Sweet Anais is an arcade game on Aqua Venatus. This game is not suitable for persons under the age of 18. It contains scenes of strong nudity and sexual themes. Once the game starts, Anais is on your sofa and ready for you…You are a lucky boy. Don’t disappoint her…You can select the good caress and she let you remove her clothing… before offering to you much more… But, to give Anais an orgasm, you must be able to control your own pleasure… There is a green gauge in the game that is measure of your pleasure. If it is full, you will be Cumming and you lose the game. With some icons, you can click and move mouse to rub Anais on various places on her body or to remove off clothes or move body parts. There is also another pink gauge that is measure of Anais pleasure. If it is full, she has an orgasm and you win. Good luck!

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