Banger Racing


Banger Racing is an arcade game on Aqua Venatus in which you will join a race and compete by riding a banger. As dawn breaks over little chef, we find our intrepid sausage jockeys filling up on a tasty breakfast. They need their energy, as very soon they will be risking life and limb in one of the most hair-raising races in the world. This is your chance to become a champion sausage jockey, and also enter our amazing competition to one of five prizes of “Breakfast for a year”. There are several riders for you to select. They have different characteristics. Roger is impatient, and would happily cut you up. Hayley Hotrod was born in the saddle, and there is nothing Hayley likes more than blasting down the highway with the wind in her hair. Cuthbert Catweasel’s years of experience make him a winner. Representing the East Side, 2-Fast can often be seen cruising the high street with the system up and the roof down. You can use arrow keys to control your move and the playing field is on a table full of nice food, like bread, ice cream, coffee, tomato and sausages. Are you ready? Have fun here.

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