Mario Sunshine 64


Mario Sunshine 64 is an adventure game on Aqua Venatus in which Mario will fight an ugly witch for getting back his own castle. Mario has a castle or palace and lives with a pretty girl. One day while Mario is on his way back home from a vacation, he meets the evil witch riding a broom and flying in the sky. This hag warns Mario that she will take over the castle and not allow Mario to go back his own house. Mario refuses her and the sorceress throws bombs at Mario with her terrible pet, a mad dog. Then the hag removes his palace away by witchery. Mario has to find his house back and rescue his pretty girl from the witch. All you should do is to help Mario successfully conquer all difficulties and hardness. There are many eidolons in the way, so Mario can kill them by jumping over their head. For some high place not able to reach, Mario can use his water pump to jump higher than in usual condition. Mario can touch coins in the way to increase scores. He has 3 lives and you will lose the game if Mario loses all his lives. Go to help him now.

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