Rusty Race


Rusty Race is a casino game on Aqua Venatus in which you bet on the race of rusty horses. Your original money is one hundred dollars. That is all your property. You have just been fired by your boss from a small company. Affected by economic crisis, you find it is so difficult to find a new job. Your wife and children are waiting for you at home and they hope that you can bring back some surprises for the coming Christmas Day. You are desperate. Under such situation, Betting on the race of rusty horse is the only possibility to earn some money. But it is also a high risk. If you lose this only one hundred dollars, you will be broke and may starve to death. You still decide to have a try. There are totally eight horses in the race. They are Dashin Dawn, Driving Donna, Sensational Sheri, Gaining Gene, Darting Denise, Dynamic Deanna, Classy Charline and Speedy Sam. You can bet on any one of them. They have different odds. You can press the Wager button and enter a number less than 100. If you win some money, you can go on to win more. But once you lose, maybe the rabbit umpire will have mercy on you. Good luck!

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