Tokimeki is an Arcade game on Aqua Venatus in which you will assume the role of a pretty girl with a school uniform in a middle school. The game happens in a teaching building with many other students and teachers in it. When you meet a boy student, you can strike down him by electric wave discharging from your eyes. When the boy is killed by your attack, he will become a ghost following you wherever you go. But if when you are shooting electricity at a boy, and at the same time, another girl also gives off shooting to that boy, she will take the ghost of this boy to follow her. Thus you not only lose some energy in the process of firing, but also miss a chance to get a new ghost. You will reduce some life value for shooting down a male student, but win more life value for obtaining a boy soul. There is a time limitation for you. The more ghosts you acquire in a cycle of the clock, the more score you get. You can catch boy students in different floors. But if you encounter a teacher in the game process, you energy or life value will be greatly reduced. So escape from the sight of any teacher as soon as possible. When the time runs out, enter your name and get your score and rank.

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