Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros is arcade game on Aqua Venatus in which you would feel funny! In this game, you have two roles to choose. You can be super Mario or Luigi. You, as Mario or Luigi, need to get more points. On your way to explore, you can meet some chimneys, jump over it. There’re many bricks on top, spring up and hit them, you will get some scores. If you find “interrogation point” on some bricks, try your best to hit them, do this, a coin or a mushroom will appears, get the coin you can gain high scores. Mushrooms can make Mario become bigger. Only become bigger, Mario can destroy the bricks! There’re many enemies Mario can meet, jump up and drumming on them. If Mario collides with the enemies, Mario will become smaller, if Mario has already become smallest and collide with the enemies, it means game over. You should enter the next level within limitation.

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